Save Some Green while Going Green!

gogreenCheck out these awesome reusable products that not only benefit the environment, but your budget as well since you only purchase once. We’ve included a few brands with its average price to get your shopping started!

Reusable Coffee Filters: Skip picking these up every few weeks and buy one you can wash and reuse. Not only do they make reusable filters for standard coffee makers, you can even find them for Keurig®.  Frieling cone and basket shapes ($20) or Ekobrew™ Keurig filters ($15)

Silicone Saran Wrap: It stretches to fit most any container—even wrapping left over fruit. Fusionbrands CoverBlubber® Reusable Food Savers, Set of 4 ($20)
Straws and Lids: Ditch the plastic, disposable straw and bring your own glass, stainless steel or bamboo straw to the table ($10 a set). Better yet, check out a reusable cap and straw concept that will turn any glass into a spill-proof one. GreenPaxx Cool Cap™ Universal Cup Lids, 2-Pack ($11) and GreenPaxx Resuable Cool Straws™, 4-pack ($11)
Silicone Baking Cups: Amazing idea! Not only great for when you bake cupcakes or muffins, try them out for mini frittatas or use them in your kids’ lunch boxes as extra dividers for snacks. They come in super fun colors! The New York Baking Company 24-Pack ($12)

Trash Bags: Ditch plastic trash bags in your larger trash cans (kitchen, garage, etc.) and use a washable wet bag instead. Simply empty that into your larger outdoor trash can (which you could use one single trash bag in and tie up before trash day). Be sure to buy two reusable bags so you always have a fresh one ready to line the pail! Planet Wise™ 13-Gallon Trash Bag ($19)

Mini Bags: Since you can’t find a plastic shopping bag in your house anymore (because you have your nice reusable shopping bags…right!?) check out the mini wet bags. These things are great for diapers (especially cloth), kids backpacks (for accidents at school); swimming outings (wet stuff goes here) or sports events (gross uniforms from practice—no sweat). Planet Wise™ Various-Sized Wet Bags ($14-$25)

Wool Dryer Balls: Skip the chemicals from dryer sheets, as well as the extra cost and waste. Wool dryer balls last for at least 1,000 loads and are great to reduce drying time (saving energy!) and are natural softeners.  Smart Sheep 3-Pack Wool Dryer Balls ($11)

Gift Wrap: If anything adds up fast it is the cost of gift wrap. Reusing plastic gift bags is a great idea; and investing in some nicer ones for family occasions is even better. You can also buy huge cloth Santa Bags for Christmas—get everyone their own bag, have their name sewn on it, and have a GREEN Christmas this year (and for years to come)! Think of the amazing photo ops with these things. Bag the Habit Various-Sized Gift Bags ($6-$14) and check Etsy for custom Santa Sacks ($25-$70)

Cloth Napkins and Towels: Load up on random cloth napkins and towels on clearance at various department stores and stock up. They don’t have to match! Use them for meals at home and those kitchen messes and ditch the paper ones.

Reusable Sandwich Bags: These come in so many options of color, shape and size to make lunchtime greener and way more fun for anyone. Skip those plastic, disposable baggies and get a few to last for years. LunchSkins or Itzy Ritzy® Various-Sized Bags ($6-$12).


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