Bottoms Up! A Few Reasons to Consider Cloth Diapers


Cloth diapers have made a comeback with moms in the last few years. Here are a few reasons why it may be more of an option then you thought:

Rags and pins? They are long gone.

As with everything in the past 50 years, cloth diapers have improved with convenience in mind. Diapers now come in all different forms from velcro to snaps and even in cute colors and prints.

Poop? Yes, but that comes with the territory.

If you have kids you are going to deal with poop; and with cloth you are not dealing with it much more. In fact, you will be less likely to have blowouts and leaks since with cloth diapers you will get a better fit. Yes, there are a few extra steps between the diaper and the diaper pail, and yes, you do wash some poop in the washing machine. But if you have kids, this is nothing you cannot handle.

Time? Less than you think.

Cloth diapers will mean a few more loads of laundry. You will likely wash your diapers three times a week–one cold rinse and one hot soap–but you can let them air dry. Prepping diapers after a wash usually takes around 10 minutes a load and then they are ready to go!

Your baby will thank you.

We are hearing more about the potential dangers of chemicals found in many disposable diapers and wipes. Using cloth eliminates that worry, and most cloth-diapered babies even have less instances of diaper rash. Studies also suggest that cloth-diapered babies tend to potty train earlier since they can feel the sensation of being wet more than being in a disposable diaper.

Mother Earth

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, over 20 billion diapers are dumped into landfills each year–plus, it takes 500 years for one disposable diaper to decompose! Even the water and energy spent on washing cloth diapers is less than that used in the production of disposables.

The bottom line….savings!

Diapering one child for two and a half years costs somewhere between $1,800 and $2,700 in disposables compared to cloth diapers which runs between $600 and $1,200. The best news? Although an upfront investment, that initial cost for cloth can diaper one, two or even three kids! Want to save even more? Go with cloth wipes–they simply get thrown in the same diaper pail–and save an additional $200-300!

Try Before You Buy! 

Check out a cloth diaper trial program for as little as $10 and get a full set of diapers for two to three weeks. This allows you to not only experiment with the idea of cloth diapering, but also sample various brands and styles without committing.


  • Get a hands-on orientation and read up online–there are even video tutorials!
  • Don’t buy only one diaper style. Mix it up.
  • Look for “gently-used” diapers that sell for 10-20% less than new.
  • Don’t get discouraged. It’s a bit of trial and error at first, but you will succeed!

Where to Learn More and Buy 


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