The Most Wonderful Time, of the Year!

We are preparing our house to host the out-of-town family for Maggie’s baptism this weekend. This is, obviously, the week before Christmas, so you can imagine there is a lot going on. We have most of our shopping done, thank goodness, except for my dad. Seems my parents are so hard to buy for! They appear to have everything they need, and it is so hard to find something practical yet enjoyable for them.

Sunday we will have Maggie’s baptism and host our friends and family for a luncheon following the service. It promises to be a lot of fun, and I just hope I can remember to bring everything we need—food, utensils, punch bowl, Maggie’s dress! The list constantly spins around in my head for the reception, the family dinner, the additional things that need to get done around the house….

Randy and Mags
Randy and his best girl

But other then trying to stay organized this weekend, it will just be nice to have all the family here together. It just may be our last gathering here in Colorado, as we have recently found out Randy will be deploying in February for Afghanistan. Because of the timing, we have decided it will be best for me, Maggie and the pup Callie to move home to Memphis and live with my parents through August. We are still unsure of where Randy will be assigned next fall, so this eliminates the chance I would have to pack up this house on my own next summer!

Holidays, a trip to Miami, Randy gone for two weeks in January, us having to be completely moved out before the 8th of February, and actually getting some quality time in together before then is a bit overwhelming. I am trying to stay positive and know that it will all work out–and that figuring out what we need for six months vs what can go into storage for six months will certainly click at some point.

I am hopeful that with this deployment Randy and I will do a better job of staying connected. The idea of us being separated again for so long can also be quite daunting, but I think we have learned a few things through the last deployments. I must say that two great things that come out of deployments are 1) money saved and 2) weight lost. So let’s all hope that remains the truth!

Through the next few weeks of craziness, I hope that I can set some time aside to put together some personal goals and objectives for 2012. The past few years have brought some interesting hurdles, but yet here we have landed, in what seems like a wonderful place. In 2012, I look to making some personal changes to improve who I am as a person, a wife and a to what those changes are, I need to get those figured out.


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